Using TriViews Increases Visibility and Reduces Costs

How can you insure that markers can be easily viewed?

How can I save time and money with utility markers?


When you write specifications for pipeline markers or cable route markers you can protect your buried facilities better if you specify markers with warning messages which can be seen from all directions.

In this application it looks the faculty owner has been very diligent about making their pipeline marker visible, but you can see the evolution. The old style flat fiberglass post was  probably installed first, and from the front the warning message and post are visible. It looks like a tech decided it was hard to see the old flat fiberglass post from the die, so they spray painted the metal fence post. In the end they concluded that a triangular shaped Rhino TriView solved all their problems with one post. The moral of the story is to save yourself time & money, and alert excavators that you have a facility in the area no matter where they are standing by starting with a TriView.