Using TriViews increases visibility and reduces costs

Pipeline and cable route markers are meant to be seen – Their visibility is their strength.  Different marker styles achieve that visibility in different ways and to different level of success. When writing specifications for markers, you can save time and better protect buried facilities by choosing a marker that can be seen from all directions. 

Here’s an example of an application that’s gone through a bevy of marking strategies before landing on one completely successful one. Looking at the photo, you can actually track the evolution of the marking process through time as different methods are thrown at the problem. 

First, a flat style fiberglass post was installed. From the
front view both the post itself and the warning message would have been
visible. Like many flat posts, however, visibility from the sides becomes more
difficult. Second, it appears that a tech spray painted the metal fence post to
increase the visibility the flat post was lacking. It’s a solution, but it it’s
still not wholly effective. Finally, we see a highly visible Rhino TriView®  post
is installed. It rises above the fence line, stays a bold and bright color, and
can be read with equal visibility from all sides. It solves the original issue
with one simple install. 

The takeaway from this hodgepodge of a marking site is that
a lot of time, money, and effort could have been saved if they’d started with a
TriView® post. Alert excavators of facilities in the area the best way possible,
with a marker that can be seen and read from all directions. 

Flat Markers = Poor Visibilty

Rhino TriView

3 Sides = Visible from every direction

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