The Best Option for Remarking Projects

In the pipeline world, remarking projects are happening all the time.

When flat markers need to be replaced due to deterioration or a company name change, there are several options facility operators have for updating their markers.

  1. Take a half hour to dig out the old post, bury a new one, and take an Advil for your sore back.
  2. Waste 10 minutes trying to apply new decals onto crappy surfaces.
  3. Grab a TriView XL, slide it over the existing marker and secure in place in less than 60 seconds, then go a find a good spot for Happy Hour since you’ll have some newfound free time.

We specifically created the TriView XL for this exact purpose. Not only will it save you endless amounts of time and labor, but you will have upgraded your flat marker to a highly-visible post that has 360º of visibility.

When it comes to remarking projects, you have several options, but only one clear choice.