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Martha Castanon
Dan Zabka

Professional TrailBuilders Association 
Roanoke, West Virginia 
April 1-3, 2014
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Industry News

Department of Interior contributes $371 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2012
Last year, 2.3 million jobs were provided to individuals working in the recreation, tourism, timber, and outdoor industries, accounting for $371 billion dollars, used to support the U.S. economy.  In addition, an estimated 417 million visits were made to the Interior's lands in 2012.  Providing cleanly marked trails that are challenging and unique for some and relaxing and peaceful for others, will provide the recreation community the sanctuary is desires and will open the doors to new generations of recreation enthusiasts.
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Trail Spotlight

Indian Ridge Trail System - Ashland, West Virginia

The beautiful and breathtaking Indian Ridge Trail System near Ashland, West Virginia is part of the vast array of Hatfield McCoy trails.  Offering a variety of trails for every difficulty level, the mountain tops on this trail are unlike any other.  The Hatfield McCoy trails offer more than 600 miles of off-road trails for ATV's, utility vehicles and dirt bikes. The Hatfield McCoy trail system has been a wonderful customer of Rhino's for years, and we're happy to serve those so passionate about trails and the great outdoors. 
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Protect Your Trail Users

Provide Safety Information For Your Trailer Users
When you set up trail markers along your biking, hiking, or ATV trail, proving important safety information for your trail users should be a top priority.  Using 911 decals on your posts along with the location number provides trail users with a safety point in case of an emergency. Rhino can also provide QR Code patch decals, allowing you to provide trail or safety information to trail users using a simple scan of a SmartPhone.  This allows you to provide as much information as you want using a small amount of space. Post decals along with 911 pavement decals listing the station number, can also provide bikers or hikers with the safety information they need if they have an accident or need to report something that happened along the trail. Protect your trail users so they keep coming back for years to come.  

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If you'd like a sample, have a unique challenge or unusual request, please don't hesitate to let me know. At Rhino we work hard at providing innovative solutions, not just posts and signs.

Thank you,

Dan Zabka
Trail Marking Specialist