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The Rhino TriView VentGuard™

The Rhino VentGuard provides a high-visibility marker that never needs painting. Special vents allow FOR air flow, and the cap protects against precipitation.

Using a VentGuard increases the visibility of the vent pipe, making it less likely to be hit by off-road vehicles and equipment.

The VentGuard is available in three styles/sizes:

  • 2 inch Iron Pipe Size (IPS)
    (information on this page is for the 2")
  • 3 inch IPS (click)
  • 4 inch IPS (click)

VentGuard Options

  • Reflective bands

The VentGuard features easy installation:

1. Cut off the top of existing vent pipe.

2. Slip the factory assembled VentGuard over the vent pipe.

3. Install set screw through the VentGuard into the vent pipe.


2" IPS VentGuard Upgrade
Upgrade Vent Posts
TriView VentGuard
Upgrades for 2" IPS pipe feature the patented TriView design.
TriView US Patents: # 7,025,016 B1, 6,099,203, D525721

Rhino VentGuard using Dome Post

Rhino VentGuard using Dome Post

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