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Rhino is eco-friendly

The Rhino TriView PLUS™ Marker Post
Flex-PLUS Rod not recyclable

The Rhino TriView Marking System's patented design provides 360°
visibility, as well as superior functionality you won't find in any other marking product. Now, the TriView PLUS marker post provides extra protection against wildlife damage

The Rhino TriView PLUS will greatly reduce marker post damage caused by cattle or wildlife. This unique post has a Flex-PLUS rod placed inside a Triview™ marker post and allows for maximum rebound.

The TriView PLUS will rebound from direct hoof, paw or tire impact, as well as wildlife or cattle leaning or scratching against the marker post, or even sitting on the post.

The Triview PLUS also stands up to multiple vehicle impacts from cars, ATVS, snowmobiles, off-road trucks and motorcyles.

The TriView PLUS may be installed via direct bury, or with a soil anchor.

Great TriView features, plus increased rebound ability

• 360° visibility - see video
• Impact resistance - see video
• Durability
• Weather resistance: UV-stable and temperature-stable
• Recyclable

Triview PLUS provides extra protection against wildlife

TriView Trail Marking System

TriView US Patents
# 7,025,016 B1
# 6,099,203
# D525721

Seasonal conversions are a breeze

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