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The Rhino NaturePost™ NaturePost is 100% Recyclable

The Rhino NaturePost is composed of over 50% natural biomaterial, with recycled plastic and is a durable, cost-effective bio alternative to standard 4” x 4” wood posts with NO SCRAP VALUE. The post is 100% recyclable.

The NaturePost has the following features that make it an eco-friendly and practical trail marker.

• Environmentally Friendly
The NaturePostPost is composed of over 50% cellulose fiber - a high biomaterial content plus 100% recyclable.

• Gunshot Resilient
Gunshots do not cause chipping or splinters. The sign information is still legible after gunshots.

• No Scrap Value
Unlike wooden post, the NaturePost is difficult to ignite, so it won't be used for firewood.

• Durable
Stands up to harsh environmental conditions.

  • Protected with UV-stabilizers.
  • Protected from mold/mildew/fungus inhibitors with antibacterial protection.
  • Moisture and water resistant.
  • Will not splinter or rot.
 Temperature-Stable Range  
-40° F to  +210° F
Standard lengths are 4 feet and 8 feet.
Custom lengths available upon request
Standard color is brown.
Other colors available upon request.

Rhino NaturePost

NaturePost Trail Marker

Nature Post Top View

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