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The Rhino 1-Rail Fiberglass Post
for Surveying

The Rhino 1-Rail is a rugged, lightweight, fiber-reinforced composite marker. The reinforcing rib and driving ridges make it rigid enough to be installed easily in most soil conditions.

The 1-Rail design allows the post to bend over when hit, then snap back to its original upright position.

Fade Resistance:
Rhino's 1-Rail is saturated with bright pigments and UV stabilizers, and an extra layer of protection is added with Rhino's SunCoat.™

For even greater fade resistance, order the optional PolyTech Coating™ that protects from fading and fiberbloom for at least ten years.

 Temperature-Stable Range  
-40° F to  +140° F

• 72"    

SunCoat standard colors: • orange • yellow
PolyTech™ standard colors: • orange • yellow • blue

Custom colors and lengths: Available with a minimum order. Call 800-522-4343 for details.


Our standard and generic decals have been designed to create the greatest impact and visibility:
  view generic decals  
Custom decals are also available. A Rhino Trailmarking Specialist can help you design a high-impact decal. Call 800-522-4343.

 Installation Tools
• FDP-33N In normal soil conditions
• PHD-100 Pilot Hole Driver Use in hard or rocky soil


Rhino 1-Rail

Survey Marker Post 1-Rail

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