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Rhino EZ Auger ™   Rhino TriView™ Soil Anchor Driver
Auger installation tool for marker posts

Rhino's new EZ Auger is a fast, efficient way to create holes for installation of the TriView.

Visit the Rhino EZ Auger product page.


Eliminate the need to dig a hole to install the TriView marker post.

Simply drive the TriView Soil anchor (TVFA) into the ground with the TriView Soi Anchor Driver (TVAD-300). The TriView slides into the anchor and locks in place.

      For more soil driver information, visit the TriView Soil Anchor web page.

Installation Summaries

For new marker post installations, the TriView can be installed in one of three ways:

1. Direct Bury System
Direct Bury Installation
Install Triview via Direct Bury

Bury the TriView using the TriGrip Anchor System that locks into the ground. The anchor barbs on the post fold out, making the post extremely difficult to remove.

This installation results in a flexible post installation.
2. Soil Anchor System
Soil Anchor
Install TriView using Soil Anchor

Drive the Soil Anchor TriView into the ground with the Soil Anchor Driver. The TriView slides into the anchor and locks into place.

This installation results in a
flexible post installation

Requires TriView Anchor Driver TVAD-100

TriView US Patents
# 7,025,016 B1
# 6,099,203
# D525721
   3. Slide over U-Channel Post
Installation over
U-Channel Posts
Install TriView by sliding over u-channel

Install the TriView over a U-Channel post by first installing the U-Channel. Then, one hit with a hammer locks the Triview fastener onto a 1.12 lb. U-Channel post.

This installation results in a rigid post installation.

Upgrade Fiberglass Posts using the TriView
Upgrade u-channel posts to high visibility

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