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The TriView™ marker post is 100% recyclable.
Rhino TriView is 100% recyclable


The patented TriView™ trail marking system features a highly visible marker post that can be customized to fit your needs.

Watch a video See the TriView's superior visibility
The TriView's versatility allows you to customize your marker using different features including:
  • Cap colors
  • Two color Triviews
  • Decals and bands


The TriView is rugged, durable and weatherproof. It withstands temperature extremes and repeated impact.

Watch a video Watch the TriView withstand repeated impact at frigid temperatures


Flexibility is important on trails where the marker may be hit by vehicles, thus injuring the rider. The TriView bends upon impact and then rebounds to its former position.

Watch a video Watch the TriView withstand vehicle impact.

Easy Installation

The TriView can be installed in all soil types. Installation is easy using the Rhino Direct Bury System, Soil Anchor System or by slipping the TriView over u-channel posts.




Seasonal Conversions

The TriView trail marking system allows for easy conversion of trail signage when seasons change. Just slip off the current top and replace it with the new one.

Watch a video Watch the TriView's seasonal conversion

Upgrading Old Marking Systems

Use the TriView to upgrade your current marking system from low visibility to high visibility.

The TriView is the perfect solution for upgrading flat posts that may be rusted, faded, or have old information.

Watch a Video See a rusted
u-channel post become instantly visible

Watch a Video See a fiberglass post become instantly visible


Visit the TriView applications page to learn about many ways to use the TriView.

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