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Rhino Marking and Protection Systems provides a full array of marker posts to fit any function or budget. The following information can help you decide which post is the best for your application.

 TriView Marking System  
TriView Trail Marking
TriView Marking System Rhino Triview green

The patented TriView™ marker post provides 360° visibility, durability and offers a wide range of applications.

Make this versatile marker post the backbone of your trail marking system. With unmatched visibility, the TriView can be installed in all soil types.

Visit the TriView Advantage page to learn more about the TriView's features and applications, including test stations, vent guards, and more.

  Rhino Fiberglass Posts  
Rhino Fiberglass Posts
Optional PolyTech™ Coating offers protection to fiber posts for at least 10 years.

Rhino Fiberglass Marker Posts  

Rhino's line of rugged and lightweight fiber-reinforced composite posts will not rust, rot or corrode.

Rhino offers the following four styles of fiberglass posts:

Rhino 1-Rail Rhino 3-Rail Rhino 4-Rail FiberCurve
1Rail Marker Post for Surveying 3Rail Rhino Hyb FiberCurve Fiberglass Post

 Rhino Hybrid Posts  
Hybrid Posts
Rhino Hybrid Marker Posts Rhino Nature Post is green

The Rhino Hybrid™ is engineered to provide the best attributes of both fiberglass and plastic posts.

Embedded fiberglass strands provide added strength, but will not become exposed and cause splinters. The Rhino Hybrid is rugged, flexible, temperature stable and is fade resistant for at least 10 years.

Hybrid 1-Rail
Hybrid 3-Rail
Hybrid Trail Marker
Hybrid Marker

  Rhino PlastiCurve  
Plasticurve Trail Marking Post
Rhino PlasticCurve Rhino PlastiCurve is 100% recyclable

The Rhino PlastiCurve™ is made of an engineered plastic that is highly durable and unaffected by extreme cold or heat.

The PlastiCurve's material and design allow it to withstand repeated impacts and snap back to its original position.

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